ZOLOEX User Agreement

ZOLOEX confirms the Agreement with the user as below:

When the user clicks the "Agree Registration" button on the ZOLOEX registration page and completes the registration process and obtains the ZOLOEX account and password, it is considered that the user and ZOLOEX have reached the "ZOLOEX User Agreement" (hereinafter referred to as "this agreement"), and when the user uses ZOLOEX's corresponding trading services,will be deemed to agree to all the terms of this agreement.

ZOLOEX and the users have carefully read all the terms of this ZOLOEX User Agreement and the contents of the legal notices and operating rules issued by ZOLOEX.The ZOLOEX Legal Notice is an integral part of this Agreement and the User accepts this Agreement and is deemed to have accepted the entire contents of the ZOLOEX Legal Notice.The contents of this agreement include this agreement and the various rules, statements, descriptions, etc. that have been issued by ZOLOEX or may be released in the future.All rules, statements, descriptions, etc. are inseparable parts of the agreement and have the same legal effect as the body of the agreement.The agreement and the above terms of service, legal notices and operating rules are known, understood and accepted. It serves as the basis for determining the rights and obligations of user and ZOLOEX

This agreement does not involve legal relationships and legal disputes between ZOLOEX users and other users due to digital asset transactions.

1 The definition of terms

1.1 "ZOLOEX": The domain name is www.zoloex.com.

The online trading platform provides digital asset players with information and guarantee services for digital asset transactions. In the following sections of this Agreement, "ZOLOEX" refers to the online trading platform (www.zolo.com).

1.2 "User": The registered members of ZOLOEX who accept and agree to all the terms of this Agreement, the legal terms and operating rules which are issued and updated from time to time by ZOLOEX.

1.3 "User Registration": User registration refers to the process in which a user logs in to ZOLOEX and fills in relevant information as required and confirms the agreement to perform the relevant user agreement.

1.4 "Digital Asset Information Service": A digital asset trading activity conducted by users through ZOLOEX.

1.5 "Recharge": The user transfers the digital assets to the ZOLOEX platform for the transaction of digital assets at ZOLOEX.

1.6 "Withdraw": The process by which users transfer their digital assets in the ZOLOEX platform to other addresses of digital assets.

1.7 "Handling Fee": The service fee paid by the user to ZOLOEX after ZOLOEX has completed the digital asset transaction for the user.

2 User registration

2.1 Registration eligibility

The user promises that the user has full civil rights and capacity, or does not have full civil rights and ability, but click the "Agree to register" button, the website is deemed to be approved by its legal representative and registered by its legal representative, and the user can apply the ZOLOEX service.

2.2 Purpose of registration

The user promises that the user's registration in ZOLOEX is not for the purpose of violating laws and regulations for criminal activities, or for the purpose of destroying the ZOLOEX digital asset trading order.

2.3 Registration process

2.3.1 The user agrees to provide valid contact information, such as mobile phone number, email address, etc., and set the ZOLOEX account and password according to the requirements of the ZOLOEX registration page. The user shall ensure the authenticity, completeness and accuracy of all the information provided.

2.3.2 If the user legally, completely and effectively provides the information required for registration, he/she has the right to obtain the ZOLOEX account and password. The ZOLOEX account and password are used for the user to log in at ZOLOEX.

2.3.3 When the user obtains the ZOLOEX account and password, the user is deemed to have successfully registered. The user agrees to receive emails and/or short messages related to ZOLOEX website management and operation sent by ZOLOEX.

3 User service

ZOLOEX provides platform services for users to conduct digital asset trading activities through ZOLOEX.

3.1 Service content

3.1.1 Users have the right to conduct digital asset trading activities in the ZOLOEX platform.

3.1.2 The user has the right to participate in the website activities of the ZOLOEX organization in accordance with the activity rules promulgated by ZOLOEX.

3.1.3 Other services which ZOLOEX is committed to providing to users.

3.2 Service Rules

The user is committed to the following ZOLOEX service rules:

3.2.1 Users shall abide by the laws, regulations, rules, regulatory documents and policy requirements to ensure the legality of all digital asset sources in the account, and may not engage in illegal or other activities that damage ZOLOEX or third party rights in ZOLOEX or using ZOLOEX services, such as sending or receiving any information that violates the law, violating regulations, violating public order, infringing on the rights and interests of others, sending or receiving pyramidal materials or other harmful information or speech, without ZOLOEX authorization or forgery ZOLOEX email, SMS header information, etc.

3.2.2 Users should properly use and keep their ZOLOEX account and password, fund password and the security of the mobile phone verification code received by email or mobile phone. The user is solely responsible for any operations and consequences of using his ZOLOEX account and password, funds password, email address or mobile phone verification code. When the user finds that his ZOLOEX account, password, fund password, and verification code are used by a third party that is not authorized by him, or if there are other account security issues, the ZOLOEX should be effectively notified immediately, and the ZOLOEX is required to suspend the service of this account. ZOLOEX reserves the right to take action on such requests from users within a reasonable time, but shall not be liable for any losses suffered by users before ZOLOEX takes action. Users may not assign, borrow, lease, transfer or otherwise dispose of ZOLOEX accounts to others without the consent of ZOLOEX.

3.2.3 The User shall comply with the User Agreement and other Terms of Service and Operating Rules that ZOLOEX publishes and updates from time to time.

4 The trading rules

The user promises to abide by the following rules during his entry into the ZOLOEX transaction.

4.1 When users recharge, understand and agree that ZOLOEX may update the recharge rules for digital assets from time to time.

4.2 Users are aware of and agree that ZOLOEX may update the withdrawal rules for the use of digital assets from time to time. The user has the right to withdraw the balance in the ZOLOEX account according to the rules, and the corresponding network transfer fee needs to be paid to the block network.

5 User's rights and obligations

5.1 The user has the right to accept the digital asset trading platform services provided by ZOLOEX in accordance with this agreement.

5.2 The User reserves the right to terminate the use of the ZOLOEX Service at any time.

5.3 The user has the right to withdraw the available assets in ZOLOEX at any time according to the rules, and the digital assets need to pay the network transfer fee to the block network.

5.4 The user is responsible for the authenticity, validity and security of the personal data provided at the time of registration.

5.5 When user conducts digital asset trading in ZOLOEX, he must trade in the normal trading order, and must not maliciously interfere with or disrupt the trading order.

5.6 Users shall not interfere with the normal operation of ZOLOEX or interfere with the use of ZOLOEX services by other users by any technical means or other means.

5.7 Users cannot use fraudulent acts to undermine normal trading order and seek illegitimate interests.

5.8 Users must not maliciously destroy the goodwill of ZOLOEX by means of fictitious facts.

6 Rights and obligations of ZOLOEX

6.1 If the user does not have the registration qualification as stipulated in this agreement, ZOLOEX has the right to refuse the user to register, and as for the registered user ZOLOEX has the right to delete his member account. ZOLOEX has the right to ask the above-mentioned users or their legal agent for compensation. At the same time, ZOLOEX reserves the right to decide whether or not to accept user registration under any other circumstances.

6.2 ZOLOEX reserves the right to suspend the use of the account when it is not used by the initial registrant of the account.

6.3 ZOLOEX has the right to notify the user to correct, update information or suspend or terminate the provision of ZOLOEX service by means of technical testing, manual sampling and other means of detection, when it is reasonably suspected that the information provided by the user is incorrect, false, invalid or incomplete.

6.4 ZOLOEX reserves the right to correct the information when it finds that there is a significant error in any of the information displayed in ZOLOEX.

6.5 ZOLOEX reserves the right to modify, suspend or terminate the ZOLOEX service at any time. ZOLOEX reserves the right to modify or suspend the service without prior notice to the user. If ZOLOEX terminates one or more services of ZOLOEX, the termination is effective on the day when the announcement is issued on the website.

6.6 ZOLOEX shall take necessary technical means and management measures to ensure the normal operation of ZOLOEX, and provide necessary and reliable trading environment and transaction services to maintain the order of digital asset transactions.

6.7 If the user has not used ZOLOEX member account and password to log in to ZOLOEX for one year, ZOLOEX has the right to delete the user's ZOLOEX account. After the account is deleted, ZOLOEX has the right to provide this corresponding member account to other users for registration.

6.8 ZOLOEX protects users' and digital asset custody by strengthening technical investment and improving security precautions. It is obliged to notify users in advance when there is a foreseeable security risk.

6.9 ZOLOEX reserves the right to retain the user's registration information and all information during the application of the ZOLOEX service during the performance of this Agreement and after the termination of this Agreement, including but not limited to personal information, transaction information, etc., which shall be used in accordance with this Agreement. Illegal use of such information is prohibited.

6.10 ZOLOEX reserves the right to delete any content information on the ZOLOEX website that does not comply with national laws and regulations, regulatory documents or ZOLOEX website requirements. ZOLOEX does not need to notify users in advance.

7 Special statement

To the extent permitted by law, ZOLOEX may be due to information network equipment maintenance, information network connection failure, computer, communication or other system failures, power failures, weather causes, accidents, strikes, labor disputes, riots, uprisings, lack of productivity or means of production, fires, floods, storms, explosions, wars, other partner reasons, collapse of digital asset markets, government actions, orders of the judiciary, other force majeure or the inability of third parties to service or delay the service as a result, and the loss suffered by the user, ZOLOEX is not responsible.

8 Intellectual property rights

8.1 All intellectual achievements contained in ZOLOEX include, but are not limited to, website logos, databases, website design, text and graphics, software, photographs, videos, music, sounds, and combinations thereof. The intellectual property rights of software compilation, related source code, and software (including applets and scripts) are owned by ZOLOEX. Users may not copy, alter, transmit or use any of the foregoing materials or content for commercial purposes.

8.2 All rights (including but not limited to goodwill and trademarks, logos) contained in the ZOLOEX name are the property of this platform.

8.3 Users must not illegally use or dispose of ZOLOEX or other people's intellectual property rights while using the ZOLOEX service. Users may not post or authorize other websites (and media) to use the information published on ZOLOEX in any form.

9 Change and termination of the agreement

9.1 Changes to the Agreement: ZOLOEX reserves the right to change the contents of this Agreement or other Terms of Service and Operational Rules issued by ZOLOEX at any time. ZOLOEX will post an announcement in a prominent position in the ZOLOEX Website, and the changes will take effect from the time of publication. If the User continue to use the services provided by ZOLOEX, it means that the user agrees to such content changes. If the user does not agree to the changed content, the user has the right to delete the ZOLOEX account and stop using the ZOLOEX service.

9.2 Termination of the agreement:

9.2.1 ZOLOEX has the right to delete the ZOLOEX account of the user in accordance with the provisions of this agreement. This agreement is terminated on the date of deletion of the account.

9.2.2 ZOLOEX has the right to terminate all ZOLOEX services in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, and this Agreement shall be terminated on the date of termination of all services of ZOLOEX.

9.2.3 Upon termination of this Agreement, the User shall not be entitled to require ZOLOEX to continue to provide any services or perform any other obligations, including but not limited to requiring ZOLOEX to retain or disclose any information in its original ZOLOEX Account to the User, or to forward any information to the user or a third party any information that has not been read or sent.

9.2.4 The termination of this Agreement does not affect the Observant party from investigating responsibility of the Missing party .

10 User information protection

10.1 The personal privacy of the user will be strictly protected, and the personal information will not be disclosed without your consent, but does not include:

10.2 When you act on this website in violation of the Terms of Service, or may harm the rights of others or cause harm to others, as long as we believe that disclosure of your personal data is necessary to identify, contact or take legal action.

10.3 Personal information that must be disclosed or disclosed as required by laws and regulations.

10.4 When the judiciary or other competent authority performs official duties in accordance with the law and requires specific personal data, we must give necessary cooperation.

11 Risk tips

11.1 The digital asset market is new, unconfirmed, and may not grow. At present, digital assets are mainly used by speculators in large quantities, and relatively few in the retail and commercial markets. As a result, digital asset prices are prone to volatility, and in turn, adversely affect digital asset investment.

11.2 Due to the formulation or revision of national laws, regulations and regulatory documents, the trading of digital assets is suspended or prohibited, so the economic losses caused by this situation are all borne by the users.

11.3 There are also risks associated with trading systems using the Internet, including but not limited to software, hardware and Internet link failures. Since ZOLOEX does not control the reliability and availability of the Internet, ZOLOEX does not take any responsibility for lost frames, delays and link failures.

11.4 ZOLOEX prohibit engaging in all illegal trading activities such as money laundering, smuggling, commercial bribery, etc. If such incidents are discovered, ZOLOEX has the right to adopt various means available, including but not limited to freezing accounts, notifying relevant authorities, etc. ZOLOEX does not undertake all the resulting liabilities and has the right to hold the relevant persons accountable.

12 Limitation of Liability and Disclaimer

12.1 The User understands and agrees that in no event shall ZOLOEX be liable for the following:

12.1.1 trading profit or contract loss;

12.1.2 Service interruption;

12.1.3 Loss of currency expected to be saved;

12.1.4 Loss of opportunity, goodwill or reputation;

12.1.5 Damage or loss of data;

12.1.6 The demise of digital assets or quit from the market;

12.1.7 Any indirect, special or incidental loss or damage arising from infringement (including negligence), breach of contract or any other reason, whether or not such loss or damage can be reasonably foreseen by ZOLOEX; whether or not ZOLOEX has been informed in advance that there is a possibility of such loss or damage.

12.2 The User understands and agrees that ZOLOEX shall not be liable for any damages in any of the following circumstances:

12.2.1 ZOLOEX has reasonable grounds to believe that there may be significant violations or defaults in the user's specific transactions.

12.2.2 ZOLOEX has reasonable grounds to believe that the user's actions at ZOLOEX are suspected of being illegal or improper.

12.2.3 Fees and losses arising from the purchase or acquisition of any data, information or transactions, or alternative actions, through the ZOLOEX Service.

12.2.4 User misunderstanding of the services of this website.

12.2.5 User information is leaked, destroyed or lost not due to ZOLOEX.

12.2.6 Any other loss related to the services provided by ZOLOEX not due to reasons of ZOLOEX.

12.3 ZOLOEX cannot guarantee that all information, programs, texts, etc. contained in ZOLOEX are completely safe and free from any malicious programs such as viruses and Trojans. Therefore, users log in, use ZOLOEX's any service or download and use any program downloaded. Using information, data, etc. are the personal decisions of the users, users should bear the risks and possible losses.

12.4 ZOLOEX makes no warranties or representations on any information, products and services of any third party website linked to ZOLOEX and any other form of content that is not part of ZOLOEX. Any use of any services, information and products provided by third party websites. Etc., all decisions are made by the user, user will assume all responsibility arising therefrom.

12.5 ZOLOEX makes no warranties, express or implied, regarding the use of the ZOLOEX Services by users, including but not limited to the suitability of ZOLOEX for the services provided, without errors or omissions, continuity, accuracy, reliability, and for a particular purpose. At the same time, ZOLOEX does not make any commitment or guarantee for the validity, accuracy, correctness, reliability, quality, stability, completeness and timeliness of the technology and information involved in the services provided by ZOLOEX. It is the user's personal decision to log in or use the services provided by ZOLOEX and bear the risks and possible losses. ZOLOEX makes no warranties, express or implied, regarding the market, value and price of digital assets. Users understand that the digital asset market is unstable, prices and values may fluctuate or collapse at any time, and trading digital assets is the user's personal freedom. Users choose and decide and take risks and possible losses.

12.6 The warranties and undertakings of ZOLOEX set forth in this Agreement are the sole warranties and representations of the services provided by ZOLOEX in connection with this Agreement and ZOLOEX, and supersedes any warranties and undertakings arising out of any other means and manner, whether written or oral, Express or implied. All such warranties and representations represent only the commitments and warranties of ZOLOEX itself and do not guarantee that any third party will comply with the warranties and undertakings in this Agreement.

12.7 ZOLOEX does not waive any rights not covered by this Agreement that limit, exempt or offset ZOLOEX's liability for damages to the maximum extent applicable to the law.

13 Liability for breach of contract

13.1 ZOLOEX or the user's breach of this agreement constitutes a breach of contract, and the defaulting party shall be liable to the observant party for breach of contract.

13.2 If the information provided by the user is untrue, incomplete or inaccurate, causing damage to ZOLOEX, ZOLOEX has the right to request compensation for the loss of ZOLOEX.

13.3 If the user violates laws and regulations or the agreement of this agreement, ZOLOEX has the right to immediately terminate the provision of ZOLOEX service, delete the account number, and demand compensation for ZOLOEX caused by users.

13.4 If the user interferes with the operation of ZOLOEX by technical means or interferes with the use of ZOLOEX by other users, ZOLOEX has the right to immediately delete his ZOLOEX account and has the right to demand compensation for the damage caused to ZOLOEX.

13.5 If the user maliciously smashes the goodwill of ZOLOEX by fictitious facts, etc., ZOLOEX has the right to require the user to publicly apologize to ZOLOEX for the loss caused to ZOLOEX and to terminate the ZOLOEX service for this user.

14 Effectiveness and interpretation of the agreement

14.1 This Agreement is effective when the user clicks the "Agree Registration" button on the ZOLOEX registration page and completes the registration process and obtains the ZOLOEX account and password. It is legally binding on both ZOLOEX and the user.

Clauses 12.1.1 to 14.1.7 are independent of each other.